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Countyline Shooting Sports Information Thread

Mon Oct 12, 2015 8:49 pm


Countyline Shooting Sports
35502 WA-507, McKenna, WA 98558
Phone: (360) 400-4010
Email us at: Sales@Countylineshootingsports.com
Hours: Tues - Sat 11am -7pm Sun 11am-5pm

Please Note: We do not get a lot of time to check the forums. If you need an answer to something, please PM us (this goes into our email, which we do check regularly) or feel free to call the store.

We are an 01 FFL, as well as NFA, and we will be bringing in cans and the like as soon as we can (we are working on a means to resolve the engraving issue)...our initial inventory was bought from the former owner, and we are currently in the process of bringing back CZ, Beretta, and many more in the pistol area.... We are currently stocking Glocks, and Smith & Wesson M&P's.

Not a semi auto fan? No worries! We are also bringing in Taylor, Uberti, Henry, and a few others.
Long Guns...Savage, Remington, Winchester, Tikka, Howa, Mossberg... start the list.

Our goal at Countyline is to be a full spectrum gun store for shooters of all types, ages, and sexes.
We like our pets, BUT...For safety reasons, we ask that you only bring in certified service animals.

Here's some other details on the store to get you up to speed....
Hours: We are now open 6 days a week. Tues - Sat 11am - 7pm and Sun 11am - 5pm

Transfer Fee: $25 pvt or outside order (if you need a copy of our FFL email us at the email below)

Consignments: We do consignments at 15%. We can help you get your firearm priced right, and get out for customers to see. When it sells, we call you at the end of the month and tell you to come get your money.

Firearm Purchase/Trade-in: We do purchase Firearms which are in usable condition. We also accept trade-ins on firearms which are in usable condition.

Layaway: Our current layway program is a 10% down, 60 days to pay it off, 10% restock fee.

Gunsmithing: We do have a gun smith. Jason Pearson has over 14 years as a gunsmith and engineer.
During the change of ownership, Jason became a father for the second time, and we want him to enjoy the bonding time he has available in these first few months of his newborn's life.
Currently, his repair schedule is running on a 3-4 week lead time and the Ceracoating is running on a 4 week lead time.

We are actively constructing a written gunsmithing service price list, and we will post that soon, however it will not, and can not cover repairs.
Ceracoating: Prices will run between $50 and $250 depending one the scope of the project. Please note that we do not do camo, custom colors, or patterns in Ceracoat. We will only do a single solid color on a given part. However, doing multiple parts in multiple colors is available.

Armoring: Todd Simpson (aka H2obouget) has several years of experience in fixing a variety basic armoring issues.
Currently, Todd has a 3-4 week back log of cleanings, repairs, and upgrade projects. Please plan accordingly.

Classes: We are currently working on the creation of a classroom inside the store. We will be conducting low cost classes on things such as, basic firearm safety, basic firearm education, and proper firearm care.
As time goes on, we hope to add-on Hunter Safety classes, and Reloading classes.

Website: We also have a webstore built into our website. http://www.CountylineShootingSports.com
Anything in the webstore can be ordered, paid for, and shipped to the physical store for pick up.
Firearms purchased through our webstore, that are shipped to the physical store for pick up, are not subject to a Transfer Fee!
(Please note: The webstore is a direct feed from many of our distributors. It is NOT a reflection of our instore prices (webstore prices are usually a little higher to cover the web maintenance), nor are all the products listed on the webstore available at the physical store.)

We still carry reloading supplies, ammo, cleaning supplies, accessories, as well as having a selection of parts on hand for ARs, 1911's and others.

If we do not have something in the store, we are more than happy to special order it for you at no additional charge.

Last item of note: The owners have been on your side of the counter. We endeavor to treat you, like we want to be treated when we are on the other side of the counter. We do not believe in stupid questions. That is how we all learn.
If you ever feel like someone at Countyline is not doing their best to assist you, we have failed in one of our basic goals.
If that happens, please feel free to ask for one of the owners.

We look forward to seeing you all soon. thumbsup

GPS Coord: 46.936 -122.556
In Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/place/46%C2 ... 0?hl=en-US
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Re: Countyline Shooting Sports Information Thread

Mon Oct 12, 2015 10:48 pm


Thank You for your up date.
I have been out there years ago, but an update on your address, phone and general how to get out there and how to communicate with you would be nice.


Re: Countyline Shooting Sports Information Thread

Mon Oct 12, 2015 11:07 pm

Updated OP as Rod requested.
I missed that some of you might have Signature lines turned off, which contained most of that information. - Added to OP

Re: Countyline Shooting Sports Information Thread

Mon Oct 26, 2015 7:54 pm

Updated with new Store Hours
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