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Do-It-Yourselfers, let's talk about home, auto and other non-gun related projects!
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Re: The WeenieWagun...

Tue Aug 20, 2019 2:08 pm

Lots of jobs out there a smart guy like you could do. I hear you are a whiz at electronics installations. Should be able to get a job at a mobile electronics place.

Re: The WeenieWagun...

Tue Aug 20, 2019 3:24 pm

TechnoWeenie wrote: I don't want an RV/camper and be 'one of those people'...

I don’t understand how that’s any different than what you’ve been doing up til now. You were converting a military truck into an rv or mobile home. It makes so much more sense just to start with a mobile home that’s already set up to live in. I understand the difference is in the optics but underneath it’s really no different, just more practical.

Sorry to hear you had to sell your truck.

Re: The WeenieWagun...

Tue Aug 20, 2019 4:57 pm


fucking shipping broker.

We told the guy it's 11'6"...

Broker told the trucker it's 11'....

So, instead of a RGN/lowboy they sent a damn step deck.... and just hoped the driver wouldn't check.

Well, I checked, and he checked.... and we thought we could get by, by airing down the tires..

nope.. still 5" too high....

So we gotta air up all the tires and take it back off
.... grrrrr

Re: The WeenieWagun...

Wed Aug 21, 2019 9:52 pm

Kitchen table brokers are the scourge of trucking.

As far as RV life goes, why worry about the stigma? It’s the new thing to do.

My grandfather has traveled all over in his latest toy, a Phoenix Cruiser. I drove it from Lacey to Palm Springs last fall and honestly they’re pretty cool.

Don’t know your budget but a big Ford Econoline chassis and quality coach builder isn’t going to screw you over as a temp residence.

If you want more incognito a cutaway with fake company lettering converted like you did your truck would work slick. Put the big dream of the monster one on hold for a spell and get something that will work thru the winter.
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