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 Recharge areosol spray can 
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Alright, not a nobel prize winning hack, but:

Have you ever had a spray can that ran out of propellant before the product was empty? Seems to happen to me a lot with WD-40 and spray paints. Basically any out of position spraying were the pick up tube in the can comes out of the product, causing just the propellant to discharge. So now you can shake the can, it has plenty of stuff in it, just no pressure. Bummer.

Get a rubber tire valve stem from the auto parts store. Take the spray nozzle off the spray can. Press the valve stem down over the stem on the can. The rubber base on the valve stem will more or less seal on the top of the can, and the can stem gets depressed by the inner valve stem. Use your compressor and give the can a short burst. Pull valve stem off can. Replace spray nozzle on can. Magic! You will generally have enough pressure in the can to use the rest of the product, instead of throwing half of it away and buying a new can. Might save you an inconvenient trip to the store, or come in handy if the stores are closed and you have to finish a project.

Disclaimer: If you're a big ol' wuss you might want to wear safety glasses and maybe gloves when you pull this stunt. If you don't like the idea, don't try it.

I always thought growing old would take a lot longer.....

So, when does that "Old enough to know better" shit kick in???
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Mon Apr 01, 2019 11:30 am
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Good one! Been doing this for years!

Before the safety nancys join in...

The average spray can, (Industry standard), has to hold up to 300 pounds of pressure.

The average air compressor at home never gets over 120 pounds.


Now, if you want a compressor that will possibly go as high as 1000 pounds... (I believe the average is only around 700 pounds.)

Don't throw out that fridge that has leaked all it's gas. Dig the compressor out of that.

Takes forever to fill a tank, but like I said, will go to 700 to 1000 pounds.

Free CO2 tank refill for an airgun, anyone? Take all night to fill it up, but it's free...

And I believe the average car AC compressor does 300 easily... And is a little faster than the fridge compressor.


Use the fridge after that, with a lightbulb always burning inside it in the winter, to store spray cans, or guns, etc. Climate controlled box.



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Mon Apr 01, 2019 12:44 pm
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yep do it this myself too.

hey...... you get a surprise when the can is emtpy bust it open.


Mon Apr 01, 2019 4:22 pm
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