Some cool guns.
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Author:  Unicorn [ Wed Jun 05, 2013 7:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Some cool guns.

The BCM "Jack." Some cool guy stuff, and a $200 training certificate for a Travis Haley class.
Here's BCM's link, I don't have the pic saved. http://www.bravocompanymfg.com/TheJack/

Also the FDE LWRCi M6-IC rifle. http://www.lwrci.com/p-290-m6-individual-carbine.aspx

I'm sucking on pictures today. Stupidly I deleted them all after I put them on Facebook.

A Barret M107A1 in FDE will be up soon, the brown MRAD is available as is the Barret M95.

Keltec RFB, in the 24" if you want a little more velocity in your .308.

Camo S&W AR, a Camo Remington R25 in .243.

GSG STG-44 in .22LR with the crate for under $600.

A zombie themed Just Right Carbine that takes Glock 17/18 mags... if that's not for you we also have a plain black one.

A Master Piece Arms 5.7x28 pistol. That's a little different. Kind of like a Mac 10/11 but in 5.7.

HK MR556A1


And the usual assortment of Bushmaster, Del-Ton (as low as $650), DPMS (also under $700), Daniel Defense, S&W (yes, the Sport is under $700... but they aren't the 1/8 5R barrel anymore. A 1/9 and I don't know if they are still Melonited.), Colt 6920s (under $1050, carry handle or MOE rear sight.

AKs from Serbia to Arsenals and a couple Saigas. Plus a couple Saiga shotguns of course.

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